Our Services

E l e c t r i c i a l

Skilled Professionals 
 Lights out?  Sparks flying?  Microwave lighting up the kitchen with sparks?  (Hopefully we all haven't been there!)  But no fear, we can get a certified electrician to walk through whatever happened, what you can safely fix yourself- and most importantly, how!  Covered in your consult are: tools you'll need, lovable noob pitfalls to avoid, and how to avoid future light out problems!  Want to install a new ceiling fan or rewire your kitchen? No problem - we can help you do that too. 

P l u m b i n g

Available 24/7
Our plumbers have seen it all - from leaky faucets and dripping showers to burst pipes and clogged drains. Just let us know what you need and we’ll find the expert to walk you through the quick fix or tackle the plan with tools needed and codes to meet for the inspector(s). Our plumbers also handle the walk-through for toilet and shower installations, grout renewal and caulking, sewage cleaning, and more.

C a r p e n t r y

Quality & Craftsmanship
When you hire our carpenters for your woodworking job,
you guarantee best-quality advice every time. We have experience in guiding builds of custom bookshelves, cabinets, countertops, porches, decks and more. We can also assist in quick wood repairs. Our carpenters are perfectionists, and virtually see each job through to the end, from the first nail through to the last coat of varnish. 

Our Handymen

Our team of handymen are highly skilled professionals who have built a reputation for getting
 the job done quickly, efficiently and professionally. We pride ourselves on adhering to our quotes, and ensuring service that is of the highest quality. We treat every single job, no matter how small, with the respect it deserves.
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